Honey Wheat Brew Bread

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The perfect blend of wholesome wheat, oats, and sweetened with a touch of honey. This hearty bread is loaded with flavor... not your ordinary wheat bread! Excellent toasting bread.

Suggested Beer Guide:
For a Subtle Beer Taste - 
Standard beers like Bud, Michelob, etc.
For Craft Beer Fans - 
Works well with brown ales, American wheat ales, stouts, ciders
For a Non-Alcohol Option -
Carbonated water, club soda, or O'Doul's

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Unbleached Non Bromated Enriched Flour, Whole Grain Oats, Dried Honey Powder, Brown Sugar, Baking Powder (Aluminum free), Kosher Salt, Baking Soda

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